To better understand my phone, I started painting like a printer.  My process reappropriates traditional technique in order to explore how the photograph functions as cultural memory.  This method provides liberation from ideological naivety or cynicism. 

My work exists in an over-lap of nostalgia and social media.  Interpreting the painting digitally, I use a limited palette of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  The four transparent colors, layered one on top of the other, mimic the oscillated output of an ink jet printer.  The finished product hangs, floating like a movie screen. 

In order to fully understand a thing, we need its adverse, or adjacent-other to compare it to.  These paintings reside in this flux in between two themes, referencing romanticism and technology - history and the present – all at the same time.


Selected Exhibitions


The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn Expo Center, NY 11222, Jurors: Rebecca Wilson, Maria Brito, Ashley Stewart, Jessamyn Fiore, Emily Steer and Amber Harper

Single Fare 4 at Highline Stages, Michael Kagan, Jean-Pierre Roy, New York, NY.

Transaction In #Selfie Project, New York, NY Juror: Leni Smoragdova

The Figure: Interpreted Through Contemporary Mediums, Juror: Barbara A. MacAdam, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, NY




Young Associates Show, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY

TEAMWORK,  Allan Nederpelt Fine Arts International, Brooklyn, NY


New York Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, New York, NY Jurors: Anne Strauss Eric Fischl, Matthew Flowers


New York Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, New York, NY Jurors: Jenny Saville Vincent Desiderio, Eric Fischl



Wotisart? Magazine #10  (Jan 2018)

A5 Portfolio  #10 (Jan 2018) - 100 Artist Studios (Dec 2017)

A5 Portfolio  #9 (Dec 2017) 

Wotisart? Magazine #9  (Dec 2017) - 100 Facebook Portraits (Nov 2017)

A5 Portfolio  #7 (Oct 2017) 

Wotisart? Magazine #7  (Oct 2017)

Average Art Magazine #15 (Oc 2017t) - Art Periods And Contemporary Art (Oct 2017)

Create! Magazine IV (Sep 2017)

         Average Art Magazine #14 (Sep 2017)

Average Art Magazine #12 (July 2017)

Wotisart? Magazine #4 (July 2017)

A5 Portfolio #4 (July 2017)

PoetsArtists Magazine, The New Nude, Issue 86, July 2017,  Curated by Walt Morton.

PoetsArtists Magazine, The Portrait, Issue 83, April 2017,  Curated by Lorena Kloosterboer.

Arno, Rivka, “The Art of Banking,” The Clearing House/Banking Perspectives, Quarter 3, 2016.


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